Boink the crazy Tea-Baggers that seem to control today’s Republican Party.

Boink A BaggerBoink a Bagger is a stress relief game that lets you release your pent up frustration with the crazy teabaggers that control today’s Republican Party.

If you’ve ever found yourself yelling at the TV or Radio then this is the game for you. If you need some political stress relief, then this is the game for you. If you just need a good laugh, then this game is definitely for you.

It features Eric Cantor, Michelle Buchmann, Rand Paul, Paul Ryan, and Sarah Palin. New Boink Pacs will be released that include other far-right, extreme tea-baggers that want to take us back a 100 years or so. Back when corporations controlled the world. Back when women and minorities knew their place.

…back when the theme song was, “I owe my soul to the company store.”

This game is designed for pure entertainment. Don’t take it too seriously, especially if you’re crazy and prone to violence. Just crazy is fine :-)

Also, please share your score on Facebook and Twitter.

What should we cut?

Spending is out of control!  If you were president, what would you cut out of the budget?

Would we be better off if we got rid of the Department of Education?

We spend more money per child than any other nation yet we don’t rank in the top 10 for math and science.

What should happen to US citizens that can not afford health insurance?

How can we make sure everyone gets at least basic cost-effective health care?  A person shouldn’t die simply because they stepped on a rusty nail.

Should we get rid of the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency)?

Most Tea Baggers want to get rid of environmental regulations that keeps lead out of our gas and paint, and chemicals out of our ground water and air.  Would we as a nation be better off?

Should we allow a US citizen die if they can not afford health insurance?

The question was asked at a presidential primary debate.  A few people in the crowd shouted YES – let them die!

What is your answer?

Eric Cantor

Eric CantorEric Cantor is one of  the most powerful Tea Baggers in congress today.  He has more clout than the Speaker of the House, John Boehner.  Cantor speaks for most of the Tea Bagger freshman that believe we should tear down the country and blame it on Obama.

His #1 goal is to obstruct anything Obama wants to accomplish or simply proposes.

Cantor is the kind of guy that would close the pool before he will let Obama and his kind get in it.

Michele Bachmann

Michelle BachmannMichelle Bachmann is Sarah Palin’s biggest rival.  Her biggest gift is getting away with saying some of the most outrageous things.  The really crazy thing is she almost makes Palin seem sane.

You may want your country back, I’ll settle for getting you off my TV.

Rand Paul

Rand PaulRand Paul, son of Ron Paul, believes private businesses should have the right to racial discriminate.  If a business wants to have an all white staff and only allow white customers to enter the establishment, that is perfectly acceptable.  If an apartment owner only rents to white tenants, that’s fine too.  He believes if doctor could hang a sign that says “white patients only”, the world would be a better place.

If this guy doesn’t deserve to be boinked, nobody does.

Paul Ryan

Paul RyanPaul Ryan wants to privatize Social Security and make senior citizens decide which commission driven stock broker to trust with their life savings.   He also wants to end Medicare and make senior citizens fend for themselves against profit motivated health insurance companies.

He suggests offering insurance premium subsidies at less than 50% of the actual cost.  Since insurance companies don’t take partial payments, senior citizen that can’t make up the difference will go without health care coverage.